Why Are Levelling Bars So Important For Your Liebherr Built-In Refrigerator

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As a premium brand, optimum ease of installation for the perfect kitchen is Liebherr’s guarantee to you as our customer. Our built-in appliances come with discretely concealed 4-point attachments, where the front of the appliance will be firmly screwed to your kitchen unit at the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right corners to provide excellent, secure attachment. Height-adjustable positioning feet provide enhanced stability and superb alignment. Meanwhile, insertion depth stops allow for further optimum alignment and positioning within your built-in kitchen unit. And of course, let’s not forget the little device to achieve the perfect integration – leveling bars!

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Leveling Bars

Essentially the quality of your wooden kitchen unit can affect the installation of a Liebherr refrigerator. As time passes, wooden (chipboard) kitchen cabinetry can become distorted due to moisture. This can cause the built-in refrigerator to drop or lift, which may prevent the appliance door from closing properly, leading to decreased efficiency or ice in the interior.

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Leveling Bars

This is where the leveling bars come in. Leveling bars contribute to the perfect positioning of your appliance so that the door always closes perfectly. This, in turn, allows optimal refrigeration performance to be achieved over the long term. Leveling bars are inserted under the appliance during initial installation and can be used to compensate for any unevenness between your Liebherr fridge and the floor. In addition, they ensure nothing shakes or wobbles about inside the appliance so you know that your food is always safely stored!

Taller Liebherr appliances that are designed for niches of at least 140cm have two leveling bars on the left and right of the base. For smaller appliances, leveling bars can be ordered as spare parts.

Watch our video below to see how to install and use leveling bars.

Liebherr developers are constantly thinking ahead and creating new innovations so that you can enjoy your refrigerator for many years to come and with great convenience. So if you are currently planning a kitchen, you will want to invest in a Liebherr – check out our range of built-in appliances today.

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