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Looking to purchase a top or front loader washing machine, but unsure of whether or not it’s absolutely a higher desire than a front load washer? Find out the fantastic option for your home with this quick evaluation of the two types.


One of the most apparent distinctions between top loader washers and front load washing machines is the size. Both styles are normally shut in width; however, they vary extensively in height and depth, which is why your residing space is a massive aspect that will sooner or later impact on the fashion that you’ll finally buy. Small areas such as residences can generally only accommodate the front load washers while large spaces can do with a top loader machine.

Position of Door

This may seem like a minor detail, however, the door position of your machine will make a huge difference in terms of convenience. Front load washers are exceptional if positioned on an accelerated platform, such as a pedestal, as you won’t be constantly bending down to load your laundry. If you don’t have an expanded platform, a top loader washer will be a long way extra convenient.

Last Minute Lid Flipping


Many of us will be acquainted with strolling returned to the washing machine to toss in a just-found pair of shorts or a t-shirt after the machine has started. This is best with a top load washer, however, there is no turning lower back once you’ve pushed the start button on a front loading machine. The door will be locked till the wash cycle has ended. Therefore, top loading machines offer a higher degree of convenience when it comes to final minute lid flipping.


Front load washers have risen in recognition over the last few years because they’re more electricity efficient than regular top load washers. A top loading machine requires extensively extra water to wash all the garments in its drum, while the front loading washing machines want solely a 1/3 of that amount. Front loading machines consequently save water, electricity and money over their existence of the machine.




Front load washers do no longer come with an agitator, however many top load washers do. Not only do agitators lower washtub capacity, but they can also potentially harm clothes – a traditional example of that is when drawstrings grow to be tangled around the agitator all through the wash cycle. But while agitators are tough, there is no proof to say that they definitely produce cleaner clothes. Front loading machines can produce particularly smooth clothes as well, but due to the fact only gravity is at work in a front loading machine, you will give up saving a lot of wear and tear on your laundry and lengthen the existence of your linens and clothes.

Cost Analysis

Front loading machines usually cost quite a few hundred dollars more than their top loading counterparts, so that is additionally something to think about when buying a new washing machine. The preliminary outlay for the front loader can be recouped over the long run in power and water savings, however, if you don’t have a huge budget to commence with, it can also be satisfactory to go with a regular top loading machine.

Ultimately, your preference for a machine will come down to personal choice.

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