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Washer Repair in Ottawa

Washing machines are some of the handiest appliances in our homes and make doing laundry a simple and accessible task. We’re reminded just how important and convenient they are to have around when they start having problems or stop working altogether.


Whether your family is big or small, your washer keeps everyone’s clothing clean and fresh — and things running smoothly from one day to the next. Washing machine repair services with Appliance Technician are on-call and ready to get you out of a jam should your unit malfunction or start doing anything out of the ordinary. When this happens, laundry time can go from being a regular chore — to a tiring errand that can take you several hours away from home. Paying out of pocket to wash and dry your clothes as you sit and wait can feel like adding insult to injury when you were doing it all at home just a few days ago.

washer repair in Ottawa
washer repair in Ottawa

Washer repair is a very cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire unit, which may not be necessary at all. Oftentimes, these machines just need a professional diagnostic, tune-up or a part replacement which is keeping the rest of the unit from functioning properly. Our appliance repair experts are fully-trained and experienced in disassembling and fixing virtually any brand of washing machine, from LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Maytag, GE, Bosch and many more. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is seeing the relief on our client’s face when they realize that everything is going back to normal — and usually on the same day.

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At Appliance Technician Ltd., we use only the highest-quality certified parts when restoring your washing machine to perfect working condition. This ensures that any repairs you receive will allow your appliance to endure daily use for a long time to come. As much as we love to help you out, we’re in no hurry to come back and hope that you won’t need us again anytime soon!

So before you go shopping for a new washing machine because your old unit is giving you a hard time, consider giving us a call to add a few more years of smooth operation to that trusty unit’s lifespan.

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Common Washing Machine Problems

  • Washer Won’t Spin
  • Washer Won’t Drain
  • Knobs Not Working
  • Buttons Not Working
  • Washer Leaking
  • Making Too Much Noise

If your washer isn’t doing its job or is misbehaving in any way, call us now for a free over-the-phone assessment or to make an appointment for repair services today.

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