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Optimizing Your Kitchen Layout: Why It’s Not Ideal to Place a Range, Stove Next to a Refrigerator

A proper kitchen layout will have you placing some appliances next to each other while others are in different positions away from each other. While some would do that to enhance the appearance of a proper kitchen layout, it is also for functional reasons to close, and others distanced.

All in all, it is not proper to place a stove next to a fridge. Why?

Counter Space

It is good to separate your fridge and stove or range for a couple of reasons and counter space is one of them. This means that you can easily place it on the other without much of a hustle once you pull food from one appliance.

This will give you less hustle in moving so much around the kitchen, even for minor tasks. Remember, separation does not necessarily mean vast distance.

Functional Purpose

Both the refrigerator and stove are the main energy sappers in the kitchen. Because of this, the fridge being in constant operation uses more energy than the range. Therefore, when both of these appliances are closed, it will make one function poorer.

For instance, the range will have a challenge heating when the fridge is on, and the refrigerator will be hard to keep cool when the oven is on close by.


It’s recommended to have a distance of 4-9 feet between the fridge and the stove for easy maneuvering in the kitchen when preparing meals, and more space for cleaning up. Having enough space between the two appliances will prevent interference and damage caused by the doors knocking against each other. Although there’s no definite ideal distance, following these guidelines can help avoid potential safety hazards. For the best appliance repairs, reach out to Appliance Technician Ltd. and avoid any mishaps that may occur due to improper handling

space between stove and refrigerator

space between stove and refrigerator


When designing your kitchen, it’s important to prioritize your personal cooking needs for maximum convenience. If you’re an avid cook or baker, it’s recommended to have sufficient counter space for kneading dough and a range and oven within close proximity.

To ensure easy food preparation, it’s crucial to have ample space where appliances don’t interfere with each other. Crowded kitchens can be frustrating, but arranging appliances at an ideal distance can make cooking a breeze without causing unnecessary strain.

In today’s modern age, owning a refrigerator and stove is a necessity for the versatility and convenience they offer. A proper appliance layout is key to creating an organized and practical kitchen that enhances your cooking experience. Whether you have a family or not, a well-arranged kitchen will boost aesthetics, ensure the longevity of your appliances, and make cooking delicious meals easy and enjoyable.

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