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A proper kitchen layout will have you placing some appliances next to each other while others are in different positions away from each other. While some would do that to enhance the appearance of a proper kitchen layout, it is also for functional reasons to close, and others distanced.

All in all, it is not proper to place a range next to a fridge. Why?

Counter Space

It is good to separate your fridge and range for a couple of reasons and counter space is one of them. This means that you can easily place it on the other without much of a hustle once you pull food from one appliance.

This will give you less hustle in moving so much around the kitchen, even for minor tasks. Remember, separation does not necessarily mean vast distance.

Functional Purpose

Both the fridge and range are the main energy-sappers in the kitchen. Because of this, the fridge being in constant operation uses more energy than the range. Therefore, when both of these appliances are close, it will make one function poorer.

For instance, the range will have a challenge heating when the fridge is on, and the refrigerator will be hard to keep cool when the oven is on close by.


Ideally, it is proper to have a 4-9ft distance between the fridge and the range. This distance provides enough space for easy maneuvering in the kitchen when you want to prepare something. Better still, it will give you more room when you are cleaning up, even under the appliances, without leaving some surfaces untouched.

Even though it is not definite on the proper distance between the two appliances, it will stop interfering. For instance, it will keep doors off from knocking on each other which causes damage. But, for your best repairs, you should reach out to  Also, your loose clothes will not get stuck on one door when you are working on the other.

space between range and refrigerator


When planning on the best kitchen layout, consider your personal cooking needs for utmost convenience. If you are a person that loves baking and cooking, it would be best to get enough counter space for kneading dough and close-by range and oven.

You will need to have ample space where the appliances do not interfere with each other but still make it easy for you to prepare your food. Even though nobody loves working in a crowded kitchen, placing your appliances at an ideal distance will help you work with many conveniences without breaking your back and running around.

This modern age requires every home to own a fridge and range for convenience and versatility in many kitchen needs. Because it is hard to do without either or both of them, whether you have a family or not, all you need is a proper layout. Arranging these appliances in an ideal and practical order will boost your kitchen’s aesthetics and ensure the longevity of the machines and convenience of use. Besides, who doesn’t want to own a well-arranged neat kitchen that makes you cook delicious meals easy and quick?

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