Samsung Q8FN 4K UHD TV review: A great TV and a comparative bargain

November 7, 2018 No Comments
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Quantum-dot technology is hard to beat when it comes to vibrant and accurate color. Even when it’s in a less-expensive QLED, such as the 65-inch-class Samsung Q8FN reviewed here. By cheaper, I mean a street price of $2,300 as opposed to the $3,000 that the Q9FN will set you back. That’s still a pretty heft sum, but it’s only $300 more than the Q7FN—and it’s $100 less than the Q7FN was just a couple of months ago. Yup, it’s getting to be that time of year again.

Let’s examine the major differences between the three: The least-expensive model—the Q7FN—uses edge backlighting, while the Q8FN has full array direct backlighting (so it delivers better blacks than the Q7FN). The top-of-the-line Q9FN, meanwhile, nets you full array direct backlighting, Samsung’s nifty One Connect box (which will save you some cable wrangling), and 25-percent higher dynamic range than the Q8FN).

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