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Oven repair in Ottawa

An oven gets subjected to a lot of heat, residues and general wear-and-tear with daily and demanding use. You can increase its lifespan and quality with regular cleaning but a lot of what makes an oven operate is out of sight — and generally out of mind.


Oven repairs in Ottawa with Appliance Technician can add a few good years to that old family range and get your modern appliance back in top working order. Every home depends on a stove and oven, and having problems with yours can keep you out of the kitchen — and cause stressful difficulties for the whole family.

oven repair in Ottawa
oven repair in Ottawa

Ranges are expensive, and buying a new one is usually not the most budget-friendly or practical solution to a problematic unit. Our customers are always happy to take advantage of our repair services, which are designed to get your unit working like brand new — at just a fraction of the cost.

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Oftentimes, a few good tweaks and maybe a new part or two is just what your range needs to return to optimal performance and serving up your favorite dishes. When you find out that all your trusty oven needs is a quick diagnostic by a licensed professional that knows exactly what to look for, you may find yourself putting off a new purchase for years. Appliance Technician makes sure that not only are you fixing and replacing what needs to be fixed, but that you’ll always get the best prices on certified parts designed specifically for your appliance, ensuring durability, extensive use and optimal functionality.

Not only is a faulty oven inconvenient, but it can be dangerous to operate in the household. If you suspect your stove or oven is malfunctioning in any way, it’s important to get it checked out right away. In many cases, a unit replacement is not necessary. At Appliance Technician Ltd., we are licensed and qualified to perform thorough oven disassemblies and repairs. We use only the right tools and certified replacement parts to service and restore your unit to a safe, working condition.

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Common Stove Problems

  • Oven No Heat
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Malfunctioning Stovetop
  • Burned Meals Due to Heating Issues
  • Doors Not Closing or Sealing Properly
  • Buttons Not Working
  • Dials Not Working
  • Bad Smell

If your oven or stove is cooking unevenly or being problematic in any way, call us now for a free over-the-phone assessment or to make an appointment for oven repair services today.

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