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Appliance Repair Service in Kanata

When it comes to living a hassle-free life, a lot depends on the efficiency of your home appliances. A small leak in your washer can cause some inconvenience, but a spark in the oven may render you jammed for your next meal. Thankfully, you can now book appliance repair Kanata services without breaking a sweat, only with Appliance Technician’s Same Day Service. You can rely on our professional services for the following:

Fridge Repair Kanata

The fridge is the storehouse of the kitchen, and even a minor issue with it puts your fresh and frozen foods at risk. At Appliance Technician, we understand the urgency that refrigerator repairs warrant, and therefore offer same day service, with complete diagnostic and repair so that you can move forth with your day without much trouble.

Appliance Technician Ltd.
Appliance Technician Ltd.

Dishwasher Repair Kanata

A broken dishwasher can often steal the quality time that you’d otherwise wish to spend with your loved ones. Thankfully, with Appliance Technician by your side, you can get rid of issues like leaks, erratic pump, and motor all in a jiffy, regardless of where in Kanata you live.

Dryer Repair Kanata

For your wardrobe to keep looking as dainty as you want it to be your dryer needs to function flawlessly. If, however, your dryer isn’t working to its full capacity or is giving you a hard time, our trusted professional will ensure that your dryer gets in top shape, irrespective of the brand it belongs to.

kanata appliance repair
Appliance Technician Ltd.

Oven Repair Kanata

There is nothing more nourishing and healthier than a home-cooked meal. Don’t let a faulty oven come in the way of your health and happiness. Give us a call, and our trusted Appliance Technician will come over with the required tools and spare parts to make sure your oven starts working just fine!

Washer Repair Kanata

If your washer is flooding the whole area or doesn’t start, you know it’s time to call for the best washer repair service in Kanata. With Appliance Technician by your side, you can rely on your getting your washer up and running in no time!

Appliance Technician Ltd.
Appliance Technician Ltd.

Why Appliance Technician Ltd.?

We are the leading service provider for appliance repair in Kanata and we have achieved this status quo thanks to some noteworthy offerings including but not limited to:

Up To 1 Year Warranty On All Repairs
Free Diagnostic After The Repair
Available 7 AM – 7 PM, All 365 Days A Year
Quick Service
Affordable Pricing