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Becoming a homeowner

 can be a major change to your life. Prior to this shift, when problems cropped up around the home, your landlord was the one who was responsible for them. Now, everything is in your hands.

From a certain perspective, this is a huge boon.

Nevertheless, by shifting your feet a few inches, you’ll see how much responsibility it really is. No need to worry, we will walk you through the most common problems you will encounter.

Plus, we will help you figure out how to solve them.

That way, when it comes to your home, everything is always in working order.

  • Kitchen Appliances:

    Considering how many appliances are in the kitchen, it’s no wonder we encounter so many problems in that part of the home. Fortunately, most of the time, these won’t be all that challenging.

  • Laundry Room Appliances:

    In the laundry room, your washer and dryer go through loads and loads of laundry every week. If either of these break down, life would get a lot dirtier (and smellier) around the house. So, when something happens, taking care of it immediately is imperative.

  • Other Appliances:

    Of course, besides those appliances, there are many others around the house. So, if you happen to encounter any problems with them, we put a few of those on this list as well.


Suppose you just got done cooking dinner. After putting together a nice meal, dishes line the countertops. So, you throw them in the dishwasher. Sure, most of the time, that would be a mindless task. Still, something seems off about it this time.

Dishwasher Problems

Your dishwasher could be a common source of problems. To prevent them from occurring in the first place, clean your dishes of excess food and debris before placing them in the dishwasher. That way, while the dishwasher cleans things, nothing clogs it.


dishwasher mistakes and how to avoid them appliancetechnician

Sometimes, They Can Produce a Funny Smell

For the most part, if the dishwasher smells funny, food is decomposing inside of it. First, you’ll need to clean out the machine. We’d recommend donning a pair of gloves and getting to the root of the problem. After cleaning out the dishwasher, ensure the drains aren’t clogged anymore. Then, the machine should work as usual.

If you can’t find the source of the problem, you could call a professional. Typically, they can isolate the issue within mere moments.

Other Times, They Don’t Clean the Dishes

Okay, if the dishwasher hasn’t been cleaning things as well as normal, something might be blocking the spray arms. Should that happen, nothing would get cleaned when you turned the machine on. To ameliorate this problem, make sure the spray arms have freedom of motion.


Besides the dishwasher, ovens are another common cause of complaint. Sometimes, when you get ready to cook dinner, they just don’t seem to cooperate. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, numerous factors could be causing it.

Of course, if you’d prefer to avoid such issues, follow the directions that came with your appliance. Assuming you follow the user instructions, most of the time, you’ll never encounter any problems. So, with that being said, we recommend becoming familiar with them. That way, in the end, you’ll save time and money.

Your Pilot Light Isn’t Operating

Sure, since gas tends to heat up much faster, it might make some sense to use it. However, in some instances, those pilot lights go out. Should you find yourself in such a situation, we’d clean the oven off. And, IF you know how to relight your pilot light, go ahead and take care of that yourself. If you don’t know how this works, call a professional to relight that for you.

How to Clean Your Oven Expert Approved Tricks for Removing oil

It Seems As If the Oven Never Reaches Cooking Temperature

Perhaps, once you turn everything on, it never reaches the right temperature. If that happens, one of the dials might be misplaced. Think of it this way. Suppose you knocked off one of the dials of the oven. Then, when you were replacing it, it did not line up where it should have. As such, in the future, it doesn’t correlate appropriately. Check to make sure that isn’t the culprit.


Most of the problems you will find with a range should resemble those of the oven. So, if you know how to fix them, these won’t pose much of a problem.

Compared to the oven, ranges seem as if they are a bit more user-friendly. Most of the time, people who use them don’t make mistakes. However, unless your experience level is sufficient, we’d review the manual. Until you look through everything, you’ll never know how things should be done.

One Burner Doesn’t Work

On the one hand, since most of these have multiple burners, one malfunctioning one shouldn’t prevent you from cooking dinner, even if it is a bit of a hassle. However, as long as some of them keep working, you can cook using the others. Plus, considering how dangerous these could be, we’d suggest calling a professional. That way, while they are repairing the machine, no one is at any risk.


Clean clothes are an important part of life. Without them, going through the day would be rather embarrassing. Your dryer shouldn’t cause any issues generally. However, let’s say you’ve been using it for a little while.

During that time, you haven’t been cleaning out the lint trap like you should have been.

So, after a bit, it doesn’t seem as if it’s drying things as well as it did at first. What could be causing such a problem? Well, in our experience, these problems could be related to a few different factors.

As such, we’d suggest checking out the following.

Typically, in one of these places, you’ll find your culprit. So, until you locate whichever one of them it is, we will be here waiting.

The Airflow Is Impeded

When your clothes are drying, air flows through the chamber. If something blocks that from happening, nothing will dry at all. On the back of your dryer, there should be a small aluminum snake. At first glance, it might look as though someone glued a large slinky to the back of your dryer.

Nevertheless, despite its appearance, this is a vitally important part of the machine. Through this small tunnel, all the air must flow. Over time, if you haven’t been cleaning that thing regularly, dust and lint can accumulate here.

At some point, if enough of that dust and lint accumulates, such occlusion prevents air from flowing easily and creates a fire hazard.

From your end, it may just seem as though your dryer quit working. Still, assuming you don’t burn your house down, solving it won’t be hard. Look at the back of your dryer. Then, unhook that silver tube.

Afterward, empty everything out of it. Once it is all clean, you can put it back into place. Now, things should work much better.

Clothes Don’t Dry All the Way

Sometimes, even though nothing is clogged, close won’t dry all the way. If that happens, you might be overloading your dryer.

When you purchased it, did you buy one that matched your washing machine?

Since not all machines are built to the same specifications, they are not all made to the same size. As a result of these differences, when you clean your clothes, these machines might differ in their capacities.

washers cleaning tips by appliance technician

If you own a large washing machine, without an equivalent dryer, you’ll run into some problems.

So, before you make a purchase, it would help if you did a bit of research. That way, once everything is installed, you won’t have to make any adjustments to load size and drying time.

 Washing Machines

At the other end of the equation, you’ve got your washing machine. Generally speaking, these seem as though they are built a bit more reliably than your dryer. Still, under certain circumstances, even washing machines encounter some obstacles. So, should you notice them struggling, we would consider the following items. In most instances, you’ll find the solution somewhere among them.

Additionally, if you’ve recently purchased a new machine, we’d suggest familiarizing yourself with its users manual. Typically, everything you need to know is in this manual. By spending a few moments perusing those pages, you’ll avoid a lot of headaches in the future.

Water Doesn’t Fill the Tub

After throwing a load into the wash, you close the lid and turn it on. You had been sauntering away when you noticed something amiss. Instead of those normal sounds, no sounds from the washing machine…silence.

So, you turned around to take a look. Once you approach the machine, you are quick to notice something went wrong.

No, you were certain of that. By this point, water should have been streaming steadily into the tub. However, this time, nothing was happening at all.

Occasionally, when it comes to your washing machine, something can block the water lines. Suppose something blocked your water lines? If that happened, what would be the result?

Well, From your perspective, it might seem rather uneventful. At first, you notice that no water was filling up the top. Then, it would appear as though your washing machine had been broken.

Until someone comes to take a look at it, no laundry will be done.

It Rocks While It’s Operating

On the other hand, Sometimes, things appear to be working normally. The washing machine fills up with water after you load it with clothes. Still, once it hits the spin cycle, things go a little haywire. Instead of operating normally, it sounds as if a great ruckus is being made.

At the moment, you’ve been caught by surprise. Typically, that washing machine shouldn’t be making sounds like that. So, you rush back to take a look at things. This time, when you enter the room, the whole machine is teetering back and forth.

Hurriedly, you slam the stop button to make sure nothing breaks. Luckily, since you took action so quickly, you happened to hit that button just in the nick of time.

So, without any further damage, things quieted down. Then, you picked up the phone to call someone as soon as possible.


Even though that was a lot of excitement, you’ve still got a ton of clothes that must be cleaned.

 Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals may not be the most glamorous appliances in your home. However, compared to many of the others, they are among the most useful. Without one of them, you’d be forced to collect all the slimy, gooey food bits and throw them in the garbage. No one wants that! Still, as soon as they break, things aren’t much better. So, how do you prevent something so devastating from happening? Well, it’s more straightforward than you would suppose.

Something Clogs the Disposal

Okay, while you were cleaning the dishes, something got stuck in the garbage disposal. What should you do now? Other than calling someone for help, you could try to fix things yourself. To do that, turn everything off first. Otherwise, you’d be putting your hands at risk. After cutting the power, feel around inside the disposal. In most instances, whatever is clogging it shouldn’t be too hard to find. After you find the suspect, pull it out gently. Afterward, turn the power back on. Then, see if things are working any better.


garbage disposal and tools

  Ice Machines

Ice is an important part of a delicious beverage. So, for many people, an ice machine makes a lot of sense. Still, despite their convenience, it seems as though they break down quite a lot.

These Machines Stop Producing Ice

What would make one of them stop working? Well, most of the time, it’s because something clogged the line. Plus, since they operate at below freezing temperatures, the lines could get frozen as well.


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