fridge repair

The fridge is a major need of every home. We store food, drink cold water in hot weather and have many of the benefits just because of the fridge. Fridge repair can always be handled by an expert technician. The inner structure of fridge is quite complex that can only be understood by a technician. Appliance Technician provides refrigerator repair service repairs of almost every brand including Electrolux refrigerator repair. If your Samsung, Thermador, LG or other brand refrigerator is not cooling give us a call and explain the problem you’re dealing with. You can also apply online by filling out a contact form. Upon arrival, a specialist will assess the complexity of the repair and perform all of the necessary work.

We serve household appliances of any brand and year of release, prolonging their life for many years. We use original and alternative spare parts of invariably high quality, which is confirmed by certificates. We’ll get it fixed!