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Dryer Repair Service

Dryer Repair in Ottawa

As with any major appliance, a faulty dryer can become an extreme nuisance to our daily or weekly schedule. What can normally be done in the convenience of our own homes may now need a trip to the laundromat, which takes hours out of the day — and us away from other important tasks.

Such a hassle only multiplies if we’re part of a big household where the laundry is always piling up. Having a fully-functional washer and dryer in our homes means less laundry time — and more time for everything else.

When your dryer has problems, dryer repair services with Appliance Technician are an economical alternative to a costly unit replacement. Dryers are complex machines with a lot of moving parts and plenty of room for issues to develop. That’s why it’s best to have a professional appliance repair technician identify your dryer problem and offer a practical and affordable solution that doesn’t involve buying a brand new dryer.

dryer repair in Ottawa
Dryer Repair Service

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At Appliance Technician Ltd. our goal is to return your dryer to perfect working condition and keep it that way for a long time to come. Our professional dryer repair involves skilled disassembly and diagnostic services to determine the cause of the problem and offer the most cost-and-time-affordable solution to your needs. In the case that replacement parts are required, we come equipped with fully-certified and premier industrial parts to ensure that your home appliance always gets the special treatment.

  • Top-Quality Dryer Repairs in Ottawa
  • Same-Day Dryer Repair
  • Available 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year
  • Washer and Dryer Repair Services
  • Customer Bonus Discounts Included — Get $30 Off Your First Dryer Repair

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Common Dryer Issues

  • We offer high quality dryer repairs in Ottawa.
  • Available 24/7 at Your Service
  • Offering great discounts with 25$ off on your first repair and 50$ off on your second repair.

If your dryer is making noise, not drying your clothes or malfunctioning in any way, call us now for a free over-the-phone assessment or to make an appointment for dryer repair services today.

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If your dryer is heating up too much or making weird noises, this is your time to contact us, or call us directly on (613) 701-1800

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We offer Home Appliance Repair Service for major household appliances in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Downtown, Gloucester, Orleans, Manotick, and the surrounding areas.

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