Coral One review: This 2-in-1 robot vacuum promises more complete cleaning

November 5, 2018 No Comments
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The Coral One robot vacuum—the first product from Coral Robots—seeks to remedy some of the shortcomings that all such devices possess: They leave dirt in corners, and they can’t navigate stairs, dust shelves, or get at those cobwebs in your ceiling. Cleaning those troublespots means hauling your stick vacuum and its attachments out of the closet.

Detach the Dustbuster-style vacuum unit from this unique 2-in-1 robot and you can clean curtains, between couch cushions, and get to other hard-to-reach places, using its crevice- and fabric-cleaning attachments if need be.

Setting up the Coral One is similar to other robot vacuums. You attach the spin brush to the bottom of the robot, plug in its dock, then set the robot on its charging pins. A full charge takes about four hours and will provide 90 minutes of cleaning time (60 minutes in Turbo mode). The handheld unit, which can also be charged separately, will run for 70 minutes on a full battery.

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