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Effective Tips and Tricks to Clean Oil Spills from Your Oven

Oil and grease are prevalent in an oven because of cooking, baking, and grilling. The heat from the processes melts the fat, which drops on the ovens’ surface and stovetops. These oils and greases make your oven look untidy and even give you a hard time using it.

This is why it is always vital to clean oil out of an oven, especially after each process. In case you are uncertain about the right method to remove it, you will be happy to learn that several practical and straightforward oven cleaning tips can help.

Some of them are as follows below;

Step 1

You cannot clean any appliance; leave alone an oven when connected to the power supply. Therefore, ensure you turn the oven off from the main power supply and allow it enough time to cool down completely. Besides, there’s no way to clean a hot oven lest you will burn or hurt yourself.

Step 2

After cooling off the oven, you need to detach some parts. For instance, you should remove the oven racks, trays, bakeware, and any other types of cooking fixtures from the oven’s cavity. However, before doing all that, ensure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage. It becomes straightforward to see all the dirt from the oil and grease to clean everything out with an empty oven.

smoking oven

smoking oven

Step 3

Next, you need to scratch out all the grease and oil marks from the lower part of the oven using a plastic spatula. Do not drop off any particles of dirt on the floor, but instead use a paper towel to place any debris or food particles you will remove from the oven.

Step 4

After cleaning the large visible waste particles, the next stage is to spray some degreaser on all the oil marks and stains but ensure you read the instructions of use. Allow the solution some time to soak in and dissolve in the oil marks completely. Then, slacken the oil stains thoroughly, ensuring you don’t miss any spots using a plastic scouring ball. Use a paper towel and wipe off the remaining spray as well as the weak stains.

Step 5

The next thing is to use a mild dish detergent by applying a few drops on a paper cloth. With a wet paper towel, clean the bottom section of the oven. This will also wash off the degreaser from it. Next, use a clean damp paper towel to clean more of the detergent thoroughly. Make sure you leave the oven door wide open for like half an hour to allow all the moisture to evaporate and keep off the odor.

Step 6

If your oven is a self-cleaning model, run the self-cleaning cycle if there are still visible oil stains or marks. After completing this stage, use a paper cloth to remove any ash or particles of the oil that may still be lingering behind.

Now that you can safely and effectively clean oil out of an oven, you can do it alone when you trace the dirt in your oven. This cleaning process ensures you level up its maintenance and prevent chances of breakdowns and defects.

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