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Best washing machines models in Canada

Homeowners are always eager to find some of the most advanced and feature-rich appliances for their routines. But if you end up making a huge investment in the wrong appliance, it may cause trouble in the long run. Many times, people keep on running to the appliance technicians time and again to get their machines repaired. But the poor build quality simply leads to a waste of money and time. Hence, it is always important to take a careful purchase decision while making such a huge investment.

The washing machine repair experts recommend buying appliances only after checking test results and review online. You should check the certificates, and the efficiency of the machine, and compare the price range as well.


If you are looking for the best affordable washing machine on the market, we advise you to check this detailed article first. Here we are going to talk about some of the washing machines while explaining important facts about their performance so that you can make the best buy decision:


  1. LG WM3700HVA

lg washer repair

lg washer repair

Price around: $900 – 1100 CAD

This washing machine is designed with a Twin Wash solution so that you can clean more laundry in one go using two separate but parallel washing cycles. In case you miss adding an item first, simply press the pause button and add the laundry. The ultra-large capacity makes this machine more suitable for a big family that has loads of dirty clothes to wash every day. You will be happy to hear that this machine is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled with voice activation and Google Assistant as well.

The steam technology ensures gentle cleaning so that odors and dirt can be easily removed from the fabrics. The six different motions with smart wash technology maximize the washing performance. But the biggest trouble with this machine is that it requires frequent minor repairs. Moreover, you will not find it a reliable choice for a delicate wash.


  • Smart wash technology.
  • Good quality performance.
  • Steam cleaning option.
  • Received certification from the Asthma Society of Canada.


  • May leave wrinkles in the washed clothes.
  • Users find it a little difficult to maintain as the washer needs periodic maintenance.


  1. Whirlpool WFW560CHW

Whirlpool washer repair WFW560CHW - appliance technician ltdPrice around: $700-1100CAD

This Whirlpool product is an energy star-certified model that can meet government standards to save energy while reducing your utility bills. Manufacturers have designed it with intuitive controls and customization options to ensure a careful washing cycle for your delicate fabrics. You can also run a sanitized cycle with Oxi, which eliminates almost 99.9% of the household bacteria with ease.

When you want to wash some lightly soiled loads, the quick wash cycle can complete the process in just 15 minutes. The best thing to know about this machine is the pre-soak option so that users need not soak the fabrics outside. This machine is designed to ensure a flexible installation experience with its closet depth fit finish. The washer can be raised to load and unload laundry with ease.


  • This product is available with a one-year Canadian manufacturer warranty.
  • Designed with an energy star rating to help you save on utility bills.
  • Intuitive controls and smooth washing cycles.
  • Energy-star certified model.


  • This machine cannot last long; the average life cycle reported by early users is 5 to 8 years only.
  • You may need to spend more on frequent repairs to ensure the desired performance.


  1. Maytag MVWC465HW

maytag washer repair

Price around: $500-850 CAD

This machine is preferred by large families for its huge capacity of 4.4. cu. ft. This Maytag washing machine is designed to work with a PowerWash agitator that ensures robust wash action. The Quick Wash cycle further helps in easy cleaning when you have lesser loads. It comes with a deep rinse option and ensures ultimate cleaning with as well as without fabric softener.

This product from Maytag is loaded with many high-performance parts, and the company promises a 10-years warranty on the wash basket and drive motor as well. It is loaded with commercial technology features, including high-quality springs and a 2X life-tested direct drive. The installation process is quite easier, and it is finished with a space-saving design.


  • Solid commercial laundry solution with a powerful wash cycle.
  • It comes with a deep rinse option.
  • Quick wash cycle.


  • It does not have an appearance window.
  • Only 12 wash cycles as compared to the 37 wash cycles in the above-listed Whirlpool model.


  1. Bosch 300 Series WAT28400UC

bosch washer repairPrice around: $1000-1380 CAD

This energy star qualified washer is designed with Speed Perfect technology that ensures a 40% faster washing time. The EcoSilence motor leads to efficient, quiet, and long-lasting performance. This 300 series model from Bosch has a neat white design with a see-thru white door so that you can visualize the process during the washing cycle. The large LED display with electronic controls makes it a perfect choice for routine cleaning.

Bosch 300 series machine comes with a space-saving, stackable design that leads to anti-vibration performance.

The drum is structured with a wave shape that delivers a powerful gentle wash solution. Furthermore, the sensor-controlled automatic programs enhance the washing experience for beginners as well. The spin speed goes as high as 1400rpm, and this machine works with 15 different wash cycles. The allergen cycle heats water to 145 degrees F so that all allergy triggers such as house dust mites and germs can be removed. With enhanced performance and an extended warranty, this machine promises reliable and convenient operation.


  • Designed with a leak protection system.
  • Pre-loaded programs for easy cleaning.
  • Wash optimization options.
  • Separate temperature control options.


  • Limited wash cycles as compared to other machines.
  • Little expensive.



GE washer repair

Price around: $900-1200 CAD

Here is another amazing energy star appliance that exceeds federal guidelines in Canada. You can expect energy-efficient and money-saving performance throughout the year. It can reduce water wastage with the automatic water level adjustment; it follows settings as per the load.

You will receive the end-of-the-cycle signal when the machine is done with its cleaning process. It means you can remove clothes before they turn bad due to wrinkles. Moreover, the extra rinse option can be used whenever you need it. This machine ensures quiet operation with advanced design technology. It works for multiple soil levels such as extra light, light, normal and heavy as well.


  • Users report an average life span of 3 to 7 years.
  • Designed with adaptive fill capabilities.
  • It comes with a child lock to ensure higher safety for families.
  • It can balance water levels automatically.
  • Quiet by design.
  • Energy star-rated money-saving performance.


  • Limited wash cycles.
  • Need to spend more on frequent repairs.
  • Not suitable for delicate fabrics.


  1. Samsung WF45M5100AW/A5

Samsung washer repair Price around: $620-900CAD

This Samsung washer is designed to help you save more time on washing laundry. The washer capacity is quite high with a 5.2 cu ft size so that more laundry can be washed in just a single cycle. For enhanced convenience, Samsung included Self-Clean technology in this machine that keeps your gasket and drums clean all the time.

You will be happy to hear that this machine allows easy troubleshooting right from your smartphone. The large LED screen keeps on indicating the status of the machine, and the innovative error-monitoring system makes it a reliable choice for busy homeowners. Furthermore, you can ensure peaceful washing with advanced VRT technology. The innovative tub design promises quiet performance even when heavy loads are to be washed.


  • It can be controlled with a smartphone app that works on Android and iOS as well.
  • Noise-free wash cycle.
  • An affordable solution from a reputed brand.
  • Easy to operate and clean with self-clean technology.


  • Users report a short life span of only 3 to 6 years.
  • Common drum spider support or bearing issues
  • You may need to spend more time and money on repairs.

Now you have gone through the best budget washing machines available from top brands in Canada. It is time to pick the most reliable one that can serve your needs at home. However, if you face any issues with the operations after purchase, the appliance repair technicians in Ottawa can help you better. They have years of experience and know standard procedures to make your appliances work. Routine maintenance with experts can also enhance the overall life cycle of your appliance.

With the enhancements in luxuries, we human beings have become more dependent on machines these days. If the washer stops working even for a day, it may create huge trouble for large families. The busy homemakers cannot afford even a single day without a washer. Well, the professionals at Ottawa appliance repair are ready to serve your needs at any hour of the day. You can book an appointment online, and these professionals arrive at your place at the right time with all the essential tools and equipment. They can help you restore the normal operation of your washer just within a few minutes.

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