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appliance repair Ottawa

Why do appliances break these days so often in Canada

By Home Appliances, News

There is no question that the world has seen some extreme changes in the last couple of years. We are all spending much more time at home than we used to and this has created a series of modifications in the way that we approach certain activities. It has also affected many of the household items that we use daily. How and why are appliances breaking so often? Now we are at home for so many hours a day and we hardly ever visit any locations to eat or have…

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appliance technician career

What you need to know about appliance technician career 🛠️

By Appliance technician, Home Appliances
There are all kinds of professions that people can choose from if they are looking for a reliable career. Some jobs seem to have an evergreen appeal to them due to how much their services are needed. Today, we are going to be talking about the appliance technician career and the pros and cons of this particular profession. What does an appliance technician do? The appliance technician is someone who has received proper training in order to provide adjustments, installations, and repairs for household appliances. This person is usually going...
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best refrigerator repair in ottawa


By Fridge repair in Ottawa

If your refrigerator breaks down or has problems, it is vital to get it up and running again since it keeps your food at the proper temperature and frozen. With modern technology, appliances are becoming more sophisticated, and you need a professional to accurately diagnose a problem. At Appliance Technician Ltd, our trained technicians are prepared to resolve almost any refrigerator problem. With parts and labor warranty, we stand behind the work we do and find the problem. With years of experience, we are among the best-rated appliance repair company…

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dryer repair in Ottawa


By Professional dryer repair

Do you hear loud noises coming from your clothes dryer? Do you have wet clothes after you’ve dried them? Do your clothes never seem to get dry when you use your dryer? If this is the case, your dryer may have a problem.  Nevertheless, you don’t have to despair 🛎  Appliance Technician is here to help. We provide professional dryer repair services to customers. Our technicians will restore your clothes dryer to its full working capacity. So don’t let the laundry pile up. You can trust Appliance Technician Ltd to…

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appliance repair tips

Tips and Tricks to Repair Major Household Appliances

By Home Appliances, News

Most people tend to take major appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers, etc. for granted. However, we only realize how much we rely on these machines daily when they malfunction or stop working. In most cases, your best bet is to hire a professional appliance repair technician to fix a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven, and other major appliance that has suddenly stopped working. However, it can be helpful to learn how to repair major appliances, especially when you cannot get hold of a professional appliance repair technician…

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power outbreak

Power Outage Preparations For Your Household

By Home Appliances

In today’s world, electricity is all but a necessity of life. The accessibility of electricity in developed countries also means that many people, unfortunately, take it for granted. It’s often not until the power goes out that we realize just how much we rely on electricity, and how much of our society revolves around it. Understanding our deep reliance on electricity means knowing how to be prepared for the times when the power fails. Preparation can be as simple or as extensive as you feel is necessary. We’ll lay out…

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best appliance repair service

Exceptional Appliance Repair Service and Guaranteed Result

By Appliance Repair in Ottawa

When you are looking for quality household appliance repair in Ottawa, look no further than Appliance Technician Limited.   Appliance Technician is one of the leading Ottawa appliance repair teams and has the accolades to prove it. Appliance Technician Ltd. services brands like Samsung, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Amana, LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Maytag, General Electric, Bosch, Frigidaire and more.   The company offers discounts on every repair plus no additional charge for same-day service, up to a one-year warranty on all repairs, a free diagnostic report, and availability from 7 a.m. to…

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Purchasing Home Appliances Online

Practical Guide on Purchasing Home Appliances Online

By Home Appliances
 First-rate home appliances make the daily routine a little bit easier, allowing you to focus on more important things during the day. Fortunately, there are companies that carry a large catalogue of major appliances in select styles and options for every household, including cooking appliances, fridges, washing machines, and more. There are also many one-stop shops for all appliances available online today. Whether you're trying to rent or purchase a house, it won't feel like a home until you fill it with the right appliances. Rather than searching for each...
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Repairing or Replacing Home Appliances

What to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing Home Appliances

By Home Appliances, News

Is the ice in your freezer melting? Has the oven stopped spinning? Buying high-end home appliances do not guarantee that they won’t break down. Home appliances tend to fail regularly, and it causes a significant disruption to the home’s functioning. At times, the faults can be a frequent thing that brings you to wondering whether to replace or repair the appliance. Still, buying an expensive machine for your home can make you look for ways of prolonging its lifespan. Deciding if it’s replacing or repairing your appliances can be daunting,…

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Range Next To Fridge

Should You Put A Range Next To A Fridge?

By Fridge repair in Ottawa, Home Appliances, News
A proper kitchen layout will have you placing some appliances next to each other while others are in different positions away from each other. While some would do that to enhance the appearance of a proper kitchen layout, it is also for functional reasons to close, and others distanced. All in all, it is not proper to place a range next to a fridge. Why? Counter Space It is good to separate your fridge and range for a couple of reasons and counter space is one of them. This means...
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